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Joint Research Project "Nutrition, Heath and Social Order in Mordernity: a Comparison of Germany and the USA"

Prof. Villa heads two empirical research projects in the framework of the research group "Nutrition, Health and Social Order in Modern Society: A Comparison of Germany and the US". The group is funded by the VW Foundation in the framework of its program "Key Issues for Academia and Society". The group also cooperates with the IFB Adiposity Diseases at Leipzig University as well as the SFB 1052 "Obesity Mechanisms".

Joint research is carried out by Prof. Paula-Irene Villa (Sociology); Prof. Jürgen Martschukat (North American History, Erfurt University); Prof. Maren Möhring (Comparative Cultural and Social History of Modern Europe, Leipzig University); and Prof. Olaf von dem Knesebeck (Social Epidemology, UKE Hamburg). Prof. Villa’s part projects cover, on the one hand  public negotiations of the national exemplified by the anti-Americanism of German language nutrition and body discourses; and on the other hand, an empirical reconstruction of 'QS'and nutrition and fitness related life logging practices.

The following staff from the department are employed in the research group: Tanja Robnik and Tristan Dohnt.

Further information can be found on the website of the research group …